Welcome to Journey's End Farm

  Journey’s End Farm celebrates not only the diversity of nature but the diversity of people every day of the year.  Visitors are impressed by the deep love and respect of nature and humankind that abounds everywhere and in everyone on the farm; regulars keep returning for the same.  Every aspect of the farm resonates with the connections we have with nature and with each other, following the seasons of the year and the cycle of time.  All year long, from the springtime production of maple syrup on the property, to the summer buzz of fresh produce and happy campers, to the harmonious voices of the annual Folk Song Weekend in the fall, to the weekly Quaker Meetings, every inch of the farm hums with activity that connects us to our food, to the planet, and to each other.  

Journey's End Farm


Journey's End Farm Camp


Journey's End Farm is a working farm and organic maple syrup operation located in Sterling, Pennsylvania. The farm is host to activities year-round including... find out more  

Journey's End Farm Camp combines the warmth and safety of a good home with a wholesome program guided by a caring staff and planned for and with the children... find out more